Top Best Packing and Storing Practices to Save You Time and Money

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Packing and storage of belongings can be an uphill task. The experience doesn’t have to be stressful and time-consuming. You will need to pack and store your belongings at some point and when the time comes, you need to be ready. Storage Everett WA is a good place to go for storage services that have stood the test of time. Many people are after a safe, convenient and inexpensive way of storing belongings. If you are one of them, Everett WA is your destination. But first, take note of the following tips to help you in your packing and storage endeavors.

Supplies First

Before embarking on the packing process, it is advisable to get all the supplies you will need first. The supplies ranges from bubble wrap, tape to packing boxes. This should be done like a day earlier.

Get The Right Boxes

Specialized boxes are a good fit for packing delicate items such as mirrors, dishes and art. Dishes have some customized packaging that caution them from shock. Getting the right boxes will go a long way into ensuring that are your items will be safe and in good condition while moving.

Handle With Care

It calls for careful handling when packing delicate and fragile items such as ceramics and mirrors. You can go a step further to wrap the fragile items in bubble wrap and pack them in fitting boxes full of packing peanuts or bubble wrap. In short, caution your fragile items. It is almost obvious that heavy items should go first when packing items in a box. Lighter items should come on top to allow for a balanced weight distribution. That will prevent damage of the lighter items.

Prevent Injury

Monitor the weight of your boxes not to exceed 50 pounds each. This will reduce the chances of you getting hurt while trying to lift the boxes. It will also make lifting even easier. Keeping a list of all items in each box will save you a lot of time during retrieval. Label each box and attach a list containing the names of all items to each box. See to it that each box is numbered.

Use Tape

Seal your boxes well with tape. You would rather use too much tape than use too little. There is should be an airtight seal on all boxes. Placement of your items in a storage is very important. The items you are likely to come back for soon should be placed near the front. Leave a walkway in between the stuff to allow for easy access to your items.

Go for a Storage Insurance Cover

The safety of goods on storage is your sole responsibility especially when you are utilizing a self-storage space. Inquire about low-cost storage insurance policies and get one. But first, check your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies.

Effective Way Of Packing Furniture

Place a pallet or the like on the flow and stand sofas on end. Go ahead and disassemble furniture. Put the legs together and wrap them in paper. For furniture that can’t be disassembled such as tables, turn them upside down and stack some smaller items on top of the tables. Stack together lighter seats.


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