Tools Used By a Metal Fabricator Use

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There is some debate about whether apprentices should buy all their tools now or later when it comes to metal fabrication. One thing that is not up for debate is the essential tools used by metal fabricators. Here’s a quick overview of some of the most important tools metal fabricators use.

Angle Grinder

This tool is essential for metal fabricators who need to cut, grind, or polish almost any type of metal.

Various Angle Grinder Discs

Different discs and grinding wheels are helpful to ensure that you’re ready for any job.

Drill Bits

Although most shops have drill presses and drill drills in stock, it is essential to have your own drill bits sets if you are a metal fabricator. You can start with standard length or short-hand machine screw drill bits.

Cleco Fasteners

These are used to join sheets of metal together before they are permanently joined together. They can simplify your life.

Angle finders

This will be a very useful item, so it is worth spending more on a durable one.

Throatless shear

This can be used to make straight or curved cuts in metalworking projects. Because the handle provides you with perfect leverage, it can easily cut through steel and aluminum. It’s a staple in many metal fabrication shops, so you should have one.

Wire Cutters

A pair of sturdy wire cutters is a must for every handyman, not only for metal fabricators.

Cutting glasses

Metal fabrication is no exception. Safety must always be the first priority in any business. Metal fabrication is not without risks. A pair of high-quality cutting glasses can help reduce the chance of being injured.

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