What You Need To Know About Restoring Your Home After A Fire

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Experiencing a home fire can be frightening and even traumatic. Knowing everyone in your family is safe, is your first and most important priority. After the fire is extinguished and the fire department has cleared the scene, your home may be left uninhabitable or have extensive fire and smoke damage. Being able to restore your home for your family is crucial, and there are fire damage restoration services who can return your home to you clean and safe again. 

What Do I Need To Do After A Fire? 

The first step in restoring your home after a fire is to assess the damage. Most homeowners have property fire insurance. This covers damages incurred in the fire and helps cover the cost of reconstruction of the property. Your insurance policy may also cover the cost of your personal belongings, and if your home is uninhabitable, your insurance policy may cover the expenses needed to stay in hotels or even cover the bills acquired in feeding your family. 

Having a detailed list of personal belongings in the home assists your insurance company in determining the cost of replacement of the contents of your home. Each insurance policy will be different and contacting your insurance company as soon as possible after a fire is crucial in beginning the restoration process. Although the cost of restoring you and your family fully may not equal the damages, insurance policies help offset costs or come near to covering all expenses. 

If you need any fire damage restoration richmond va, they will work closely with you in the restoration of your home. Clean-up and restoration should be done in a timely manner as the damage after a fire increases over days and weeks. You should be aware that the soot, mold and mildew, and corrosion caused by fire and smoke to restorable surfaces and items, causes more damage the longer it exists, which may end up as permanent or raise the cost of repairs. Water damage will also be a concern and there may be standing water in your home. 

What Is The Restoration Process? 

The restoration of a home after a fire can be moderate or intensive depending on the damage. The first thing that will occur is assessing the damage. The restoration company will then present an estimate or contract for their services. Reading the contract, you sign with the service company carefully is important, as you will be responsible for paying these costs, which may exceed the amount you receive from your insurance company. 

The next step will be removing standing water if necessary and making emergency repairs in order to secure the safety of the structure, and the people who will be making restorations. Removing damaged property in order to conduct soot removal will then occur unless the property is beyond repair. The cleaning of salvageable items will begin and be followed by the removal of fire and smoke odors to the structure. It is a very thorough and detailed process. 

No one expects to be the victim of a house fire but according to the National Fire Protection Association, a home fire occurs every 88 seconds in the United States. Making sure your family has an escape plan in place in the event of a fire is crucial. Insuring your home properly against damage and loss in the event of a fire is also an important step in protecting your family.

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