Things To Look For In A Solid Security System

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The good thing about purchasing your security system is it’s probably not permanent. You can have it installed, and then you can have your service adjusted in the event you need to upgrade it. If you don’t choose the lowest option there is still room to downgrade also. Make sure you speak with the security systems technician and see what the absolute best thing is, before you make a decision. It’s good to know what the company offers. Things you would want out of your security system include clear picture, lengthy recording time, and auto alert. 

Clear Picture 

Lately I’ve been watching the news, and it’s always a pleasant surprise when something happens to someone’s home and they have an extremely clear picture of the suspect. I’m not good with faces, but I can look at the person and wow, they look like someone I would notice instantly in passing. Clear picture is so important when we’re talking about security. We want the criminals to be caught, and no longer pacing the streets plotting on people. Grainy pictures might be more affordable, but it would seem that security companies have to step up to the plate. As technology evolves, I’m expecting our security systems to do the same. 

Lengthy Recording Time 

If an offender is actively doing something illegal on camera, the last thing you want to happen is for the video the cut off. I’ve dealt with systems that could only playback so much due to bandwidth and other issues. As consumers we probably should go the extra mile and pay for the package that will allow us to see exactly what is going on for however long it’s happening. Make sure you ask about recording and playback time and speeds. This information is perfect to forward to the police. 

Auto Alert 

I prefer silent alarms if I’m not home, and loud ones if I am. You want the criminal to get scared and run away. If I’m not home, I want the criminal to be inside when the police arrive. The best way for any of this to happen is for the alarm system to automatically alert the police when there is a breach. I’m sure a lot of systems do this already, but ask your security technician about that feature. Even if you have security working overnight at desk looking at cctv systems wollongong, there should be a way that they can contact the police with just a press of a button. 

Invest in your security system like you would any other important piece of your home. You need something reliable that can not only show a figure in violation, but that get bad guys off the street. The more people who invest in these security systems will make it more discouraging for criminals to even try to break into homes and businesses. Things to look for when shopping for your security system are clear picture, lengthy recording time, and auto alert.


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