Taking Account Of Your Unit

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When you’re moving or remodeling and have nowhere to keep your belongings, consider storage facilities. There are several sizes available depending on how many boxes you need to store and how much furniture you need to keep in the unit. Before securing your unit, you need to determine the size that you’ll need. This can sometimes play an important role in how much you pay for the unit as well since most units are priced based on the length, width, and height. 

Find out what can’t be stored in your unit. Don’t put any liquids in your outdoor storage units Bellevue WA offers because they can leak from the container. You should also try not to put extremely valuable items in the unit just in case there are issues that arise with your payment and being unable to keep the unit or if there is any kind of damage. Insurance is good to invest in just in case there is a fire, flood, or theft. Ask the company if insurance is provided. Find out if locks are provided or if you need to have your own. 

There are a few different ways that you can pack your unit. One would be to put the largest items in the back of the unit before putting the smaller boxes in place. Keep the heaviest items close to the ground. Consider putting a plastic sheet on the floor or pallets so that your items aren’t sitting directly on the concrete. This can also help in keeping rodents and pests from invading your items. Leave plenty of space in the unit to reach your belongings. Sometimes, you might need to get to something without getting everything out. 

After you’ve secured your unit and before you take anything to store, you should clean it thoroughly to ensure that there are no cobwebs, spiders, or other issues that could possibly lead to damage to your belongings. Make sure clothes are washed before you store them. Try to put clothes and linens in plastic containers instead of boxes to keep them from getting moisture on them and getting ruined. If you’re storing furniture, wipe it with a cloth to remove any dust and dirt. Appliances should be cleaned inside and outside. Put a box of baking soda inside appliances to help control odors. 

Make a list of the things that you’re taking. You don’t have to inventory all of the small items in boxes, but you should make a general list so that you have a good idea as to what is in the unit. This will make it easier to locate something when it’s needed instead of searching in a lot of boxes. Another helpful hint is to label all of your boxes or only put like items in each box. Take pictures of the items that you have in storage. After packing the unit, take a picture so that you know where everything is located. Make notes about where smaller items are placed for future use.


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