Stop Truck Corrosion with Undercoating!

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How many times have we driven up and down roads to see really nasty rust and corrosion on vehicles? It appears that it is seen more on trucks than cars because of the wear and tear and hauling of several items on pickup trucks. There is a way to prevent this from happening and the process is called an undercoating. This definitely prevents prolonging corrosion on vehicles because of the mixing debris of minerals on the roads that are traveled which will cause this to occur. We know water on vehicles will cause corrosion as well but with that plus minerals from the ground mixed together, an undercoating is the best option to protect the vehicle and to keep it looking good. 

Undercoating, or rust proofing, is the prevention or delay of rust and iron objects to protect against corrosion or rust. The process to make sure this is applied is very interesting. For example, if the truck is a body-on-frame, the frame is self must be undercoated as well. This means it will have to be taken apart to properly protect the exposed underbody of the truck from all the road debris. We have often seen where roads have been de-iced using very harsh chemicals but once it gets on your truck, it is very hard to come off because it sticks like glue. Finding the best undercoating for trucks is important to protect your prized possession, your truck. An application of this spray, or brush on is a long-term protection of your undercarriage. Some undercoatings claim to deaden noise so that you have a quiet, more pleasant ride to your destination each time. It goes on your truck as a textured black finish which resists chipping, abrasion, weathering and rusting. The cost is efficient enough to extend the service life of a vehicle.

Other Brands come in a gallon tub giving you more than enough for the protection of your truck. A single use of this product will permanently stop corrosion and rust from your truck without the use of primers or topcoats. By simply using a wire brush or another tool to get off the excess rust, applying this undercoating is a breeze. Once applied, it forms a hard yet non-porous finish which will not crack, flake or chip.

There are several undercoating brands on the market to help with your vehicle’s rust and corrosion needs. They all have the same benefits to coat your truck enough so that no more rust occurs as well as extending life of it. As a caution, once applied it must have time to dry well enough so that it can do its job the right way. Rain and a variation of temperatures can affect how long it will take before corrosion builds up on your truck. But knowing that you have an undercoating on it will give you peace of mind that the longevity of your vehicle is protected.


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