Problems Cause by Not Maintaining Your Septic System

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septic system is used to remove waste materials from your home. The septic system is built underground and has a large tank that is used to store the waste. Your plumbing system runs from your house to the septic tank where all waste and water is stored until it is properly removed. The tank is specifically designed for all solid waste material to settle at the very bottom, while all the liquids stay at the top. Where the liquid is pumped out into a drain field, the bacteria is filtered from the liquid through rock and soil surrounding the septic system.

A septic system must be maintained in order for it to function properly. To maintain it in the correct way, any septic services east northport ny should be used to help assist you in the process. If the system is not drained properly, the waste will start to build up around your home and possibly ruin any gardens or outdoor items. If you start to notice unusually wet soil on the top of your septic tank, it could mean the tank has not been maintained properly. If, after noticing wet soil on top of the tank, you do not address the issue quickly, it could cost you thousands of dollars to have the system replaced.

Other signs that your septic tank has not been maintained properly or needs to have septic services come in to take a look are as follows:

  • Pipe Gurgling. If you ever notice the plumbing pipes in your home start to gurgle, it may be cause for alarm as it may mean that your tank is full.
  • Water Backup. If sewer water has started to backup inside your home it means that the tank is either full or a pipe is clogged.
  • Greener Grass. If the grass is much greener on certain areas of your lawn or around the septic tank it could mean that wastewater is leaking out onto the grass.
  • Toxic Sulfur. Once in a while you may notice the smell of rotten eggs coming from the drains or your water supply it could mean that raw sewage has started to leak from the tank and that toxic sulfur is now in and around your home.

By having a person that is specialized in sewer services come into your home to assess the condition of your septic tank and leach field, you can help avoid damages to your home and lawn from sewer water leaking or backing up into your yard. By waiting too long to have a professional come by and take a look at your sewer system, you are risking having to pay large amounts of money on damages to your property and home. A professional can also help you come up with new innovative ideas to improve your plumbing and septic system so that your septic tank will stay in good standing for as long as possible. 

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