Motorcycles Are They A Practical Means Of Transportation Or A Fun Weekend Hobby?

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Across the world mostly in developing nations motorcycles and scooters are used as affordable reliable means of transportation. Where a car may cost $25,000 a motorcycle only brings around $5,000. This is great for people in developing nations but what about in developed nations like the United States? What niche do motorcycles fill, are they fun weekend hobbies during the summer or all year round means of transportation. Before dwelling into this we must understand the pros and cons of owning and operating a two wheeled vehicles compared to their four wheeled counter parts.

Cars and trucks have the advantage over motorcycles and scooters when it comes to cargo and passenger capacity. You can simply just haul more stuff around this is critical for the family man or women. Four wheeled vehicles also have the advantage when it comes to comfort and safety. In the unfortunate event a crash takes place there’s airbags and seat belts that will protect you, in a car or truck you are safe from the elements in the hot summer heat crank up the AC when it starts to rain roll up the windows. On a two wheeled moto this luxury is not there. Yes there are waterproof suits and heated clothing you can buy but that is a story for another topic this article is touching on the basics. Theft is a real issue many motorcycles can weight in the sub 300ibs range making it an easy target for a few determined criminals. 

With all the great aspects of owning a car there are some areas where motorcycles and scooters have the advantage. The initial cost of owning a motorcycle is generally much cheaper then percussing a car. The upkeep cost although more frequent in many cases is much cheaper. For example if you were to take your vehicle to a transmission shop cincinnati oh, the maintenance on a moto from oil changes valve clearance tier changes and much more can be done for a lot less money compared to a car. In major cities like New York there finding parking can often be a challenge. With a motorbike parking on your front lawn or driving it into your backyard is no issue at all. 

Motor bikes get better mileage to the gallon generally speaking “this will do much more than help keep money in your wallet, if doing well for the environment is something you are into getting a motor bike may be one thing you can do to help out “. Tolls are usually more expensive for cars in most parts of the country. For thoughts who live in high traffic areas having a small light vehicle than can zip through traffic is a real time saver. Most places in Europe as well as California lane splitting is legal. 

A recap on the subject cars and trucks win in the safety, cargo and passenger capacity, comfort and theft. These are serious issue a potential buyer must look at. The motor bike wins out in areas of initial and long term cost due to low maintenance and fuel cost, storage, toll prices and lane splitting. The major differences are cost, safety and convenience. 


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