Most Common Reasons You’ll Need a Tow

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You rely on your car to get you everywhere. Work, the gym, your family’s extracurricular activities, and home, are all places that your car likely travels on a regular basis. So, when your car starts to sputter or refuses to start, you know that it’s going to be a long day ahead of you. Many of these problems can typically be avoided with proper maintenance throughout the year. However, sometimes that isn’t even enough. If you ever need any heavy duty towing manchester nh, then it’s likely due to one of these common reasons. 

1. Dead Battery

If you’re not in the habit of changing your battery out every three years or ever 50,000 miles, then it’s likely on its last legs. While the battery does charge while you’re driving it, the amount of charge that it reaches is decreased with each time the battery is used. For an extremely old battery, it can refuse to hold a charge any longer. While a jump from another car may be all you need to get your car rolling again, there may come a time where even that isn’t enough to bring your car to life. In that case, you need a reliable towing company who can either tow your car to a repair shop or bring you a brand new car battery. 

2. Flat Tire

Most cars are supposed to come with a spare tire in the event that one of your tires goes flat. However, that spare tire isn’t meant to be driven on for very long. It’s only supposed to last until you can either have your tire repaired or buy a new one. Too often, drivers leave the spare tire on their car. When that tire also springs a leak, you’re in quite a bit of trouble. A tow truck can bring you another tire or tow your car in to have it inspected. After all, flat tires can sometimes damage the actual wheel spoke. 

3. Old Brakes

One of the scariest experiences that you can have when driving your car is being unable to stop. This is a threat that faces all drivers who don’t have their brakes changed out every few miles. You should pay attention to the sounds that your car makes when you apply the brakes. If you notice a squealing or grinding sound, then your brakes may need to be replaced. Avoid rear-ending someone as much as you can by having your brakes inspected. If you do find yourself in an accident due to brakes that quit working, then you can always rely on a tow service to come and take your car away to be fixed. 

4. Broken Starter Motor

A final common problem that may require the assistance of a tow truck is when your starter motor fails. Aptly named, the starter is basically responsible for getting your engine to come to life. If it’s broken, you’re essentially immobile.

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