Keeping The Water Flowing To The Tank

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In order for the water and waste products to drain from your home, you need to have a system in place that operates smoothly. There are a few maintenance tips to keep in mind so that the septic tank doesn’t get backed up, resulting in possibly spending a lot of money getting it fixed. You can also pay attention to a few signs that could indicate that your tank is full and that it needs to be pumped before the pipes begin to back up into your home. 

Make sure your tank is installed in the proper way. All of the lines that connect to your home should be secure and buried in the ground. You might need a building permit before installing a septic tank. You could also be required to have soil tests performed to determine where the tank can be placed and where the lines can be installed. A septic system Albuquerque NM company can come to your home to examine your yard to determine the best area for the tank and the lines. 

When there are several people in your home, it’s likely that there will be a lot of toilet paper being flushed down the toilet and dishwater down the drain. As you increase the number of people in the home, the amount of waste that goes into the septic system increases along with the possibility that something will enter the system that should not be there. Examine the toilet to ensure that there are no leaks and that it flushes like it should without overflowing. Look for leaks underneath the sinks or under your home. You should also check the area around the tank to determine if the ground is soft or if there are any odd smells. These details could indicate that there is a leak or that the tank is full and needs to be pumped. 

There are numerous things that you should avoid putting down your toilet. Common items are feminine products and small toys as you might discover if you have small children. Cat litter shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet. You should also avoid putting any kind of diapers, cigarettes, or coffee grounds in the toilet. Only flush what is supposed to go into the toilet and the septic tank to keep it in proper working order. 

Avoid putting grease in your kitchen sink. As the grease congeals, it can block the drain, preventing water from flowing through. If grease reaches farther down the line, it can prevent other waste products from other drains from getting to the tank. Even if you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen, don’t put just anything in the system. Try not to put large pieces of food down the disposal. You should also avoid putting anything that’s sticky down the disposal. 

Make a regular schedule to get your septic tank pumped about every two years. If there are any issues that you notice, try to address them right away. Keep weeds and trees away from the septic tank and the lines to prevent any damage.


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