How to Identify Addiction In Your Loved One

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Even though addiction is a growing problem, no one likes being labeled the addict. It is for this reason that addicts will go to any lengths possible to conceal their addiction from the world. Unfortunately, this causes them more harm than good because first, the first step to recovery is admitting they have a problem, which is something they will never do. Secondly, the more they hide it, the deeper they fall into the trenches of addiction and the harder it becomes for them to come out. Fortunately, while the signs and symptoms of drug addiction and substance abuse vary from one individual to another, some symptoms are common among most drug addicts. 
Once you note any of these, it is vital to talk to your loved one and urge them to seek help before the problem gets worse. 

Common Red Flags Of Addiction In A Loved One 

Signs of addiction mostly exhibit themselves in the form of physical or behavioral changes. Our bodies usually respond to things and circumstances either positively or negatively. In respect to that, drugs tend to take a toll on the body of the addicts, despite their attempts to conceal their addictive nature. 

Rapid Weight Loss 

Once addiction hits, most addicts prioritize finding their next dose of drugs to keep them high more than nutrition. Therefore they end up missing most meals and even when they eat; they do not take healthy foods. This results in rapid weight loss. Also, some drugs, for instance, stimulants like cocaine tend to suppress appetite. This means that the person loses interest even in dishes they couldn’t resist before, and as a result, they undergo rapid weight loss. While losing weight is normal, when your loved one suddenly loses weight out of the blues and exhibits multiple behavioral changes which we will list later, then it is time to try and talk them into seeking addiction recovery services San Jose ca

Other Physical Changes 

– Itchy skin, skin rashes 
– Unexplainable cuts, sores, and bruises 
– Bloodshot eyes 
– Neglect of personal hygiene, for instance no longer brushes teeth hence bad breath 
Behavioral changes 

Lack Of Interest 

As noted, most addicts tend to prioritize drugs over everything. Thereby majority of the time they will be focusing on where to get their next dose instead of things that they loved doing. Besides, it becomes difficult for them to participate in their hobbies and passions as they are always high. For instance, if they used to work out every day, they go from hitting the gym daily to a few days a week and then stop altogether. 

Neglect Of Responsibilities  

Due to being the high majority of the times, addicts tend to slack on the duties they used to execute exceptionally. For instance, if it is the case of your husband, he no longer carries out his spousal responsibilities such as taking care of your family. At work, they also fail to execute their responsibilities leading to job loss. 

Other Signs 

Withdrawal from friends and social circle 
– Change in sleeping habits 
– Being secretive and lying 
– Involvement in criminal activities 
– Becoming easily irritable and highl y aggressive 
– Unhealthy friendships with addicts and being in weird company 

Symptoms of drug addiction are unique to each individual. Therefore, don’t expect your loved one whom you suspect is an addict to display all of the above. However, if they exhibit multiple signs shown on our list, then it is essential to let your guard up and urge them to seek help.


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