Adding Finishing Touches To Your Walls

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After painting the walls in your home or even staining the walls, you might want to add a few more details to deliver personal touches. You can get graphics that are easy to apply to the walls in your home from craft stores as well as retail stores. There are usually various ways to apply these graphics depending on how much time you have to spend on the project and if you plan to remove them from the wall. 

Before you apply any wall graphics michigan stores sell, you need to think about the design that you want in the room. You can find everything from words and phrases to striking images that almost look as though they are paintings instead of graphics. Consider the room of the home as there are usually graphics of designs that match specific rooms in your home, such as those for the kitchen or ones with features for the bathroom. If you’re applying the graphics in a child’s bedroom, then consider letting your child choose the colors and design as you want to make the space as personalized as possible. 

Prepare the surface for the application of the graphics by cleaning it with warm water and soap. Make sure the surface is dry before you apply the graphics. You also need to locate the exact spot on the wall for the application process before you apply anything. If you plan on removing the graphics later on, then you want to consider a sticker or something that has a smooth film on the back as it will be easier to remove. However, if you want to leave it in place for several months or years, then consider a graphic that can be pasted on the wall. Try to find an image that matches the details of the rest of the room, such as a design that has the same colors as those that are on the wall or colors that will blend with the paint and other pictures or accessories. 

Before you affix the decal to the wall, you should hold it up to ensure that it is the size that you want. An option would be to tape the image to the wall where you want to apply it while stepping away to see how it looks with the other designs that are in place. After adjustments have been made and any final touches are made to the design, you can begin the application process so that the graphic is in place. 

Only remove a small area of the backing of the graphic before placing it on the wall. This will prevent the graphic from sticking on itself and prevent you from getting another design. Take your time applying the image so that it’s in the exact area where you want it on the wall and so that there are no wrinkles or bubbles. Use a paint scraper or another solid device to smooth the surface as much as possible after it’s in the correct position.

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