10 Common Items at Bakeries Throughout the World

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Baking is a time honored tradition throughout the world. For those who like to travel and want a local take on a baked good, there are a few items which are quite common. Sometimes it’s good to have a familiar food in a new or strange place. 

Baguettes- Baguettes are some of the most distinctive and popular bread products. They pair well with a variety of other cuisines and are great on their own as well. Bagels- Bagels are ubiquitous, but they can be hard to get exactly right, as evidenced here. Few would deny how delicious they are when made correctly and there are many variations on the classic topped bagel. Kaiser Buns– A sandwich is complemented very well by these delicious buns. A full bodied bread product that can be eaten on its own, it’s hard to go wrong with some buns. Bread- It may seem like a no-brainer, but a loaf of bread is certainly a common item. There are so many different ways to season, cook, and eat it that it’s very nearly a wonder food. Being that it is one of the oldest foods created by humanity, it has a long and storied history. 

Cake- Cakes are a thing of beauty. Delicious and flavorful, there are so many different style that it can be a gateway to a country or region’s culture. Odds are that within a few miles of your current location, there are a handful of different bakeries or stores with their own unique take on this lovely food. Rolls- Rolls are considered to be a staple food and are another which can range in diversity from a standalone snack, to a casserole topper. Pie- Pie is a fantastic food for desserts or maybe dinner, depending on where you are in the world. Due to the very nature of the thing, the noble pie can be filled with meats, cheeses, fruit, nuts, or any other number of things. The results are almost always sure to please. 

Fruit Pastry- There are many varieties of this throughout the world. The most common example is Baklava. They can be bite sized, plate filling, or somewhere in between. Regardless of size, the fruit pastry is a treat. Cookies- Cookies are a fantastic treat for children and adults alike. Another food which can be made large or small, you may come across those which are bite-sized, or other that can be a sheet cake. It is hard to go wrong with a yummy cookie. Tarts- Tarts fall somewhere between a cookie and a fruit pastry in terms of classification. They tend to be flat flavored bread, with a filling placed in a hole towards the center. Typically fruit. While a bit less portable, they are certainly delicious regardless. As you can see, bakeries are not limited to a type of local flavor or selection, they can branch out to include favorites from throughout this world of ours.


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