Tips on Caring for Your New Kitten

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Kittens are adorable creatures who add a lot to a home. A new kitten can be exciting and challenging to raise. You want to make sure it’s happy and healthy, but going into a pet store and seeing all of the products available can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of toys available. And tending to the health of your kitten can be confusing. It can be hard to choose the right food for them, or what to do if they get sick. These following tips help you better understand your kitten’s behaviors and needs so you can care for your kitten with confidence. 

Behaviors to Look For 

Kittens are just like their adult selves when it comes to communicating. They talk with their ears, tails and body movements. They knead, meow, and perform what is called “head bunting” in which they bump their head along a human or object for bonding and scenting. Each kitten is unique and communicates in a special way. One kitten may be more vocal, while another uses their paws and body language more. Watch your kitten carefully as they play and interact with you to discover their personal style of communication


Some kittens have food allergies, just like us humans. To fully understand the health needs of your kitten, take them to your local veterinarian st petersburg fl. These pet specialists know all about the various illnesses your kitten may catch and are qualified to perform spays, neuters and administer medicine. They can give you advice on the best food for your kitten, and provide continuing care into your kitten’s adulthood. Many cat owners use the same veterinarian throughout their cat’s life, so they can more easily see subtle changes in their behavior or health as they age. 

Toys for Your Kitten 

There is no shortage of toys you can purchase from pet stores, but choosing the right ones for your kitten can be a challenge. Is your kitten a chaser, pouncer, or jumper? Some toys are labeled with these terms to tell you which toy suits which play type. Many cats don’t need expensive or techy toys, a cardboard box and a rolled up ball of paper does just fine. Kittens need to practice their hunting skills through playtime, so providing them with toys that give them a sense of stalking and attacking prey are best. This is also why you should avoid letting them attack and nibble on your fingers. This is an adorable habit but associates human flesh with prey. When they grow up, this play becomes painful and can leave lots of scratches and marks on your hands. 

Bringing a kitten into your home can be a challenge, but can also be quite rewarding. Whether you live alone or have a family, a kitten can make your home their own. Cats are both pets and affectionate companions. If you know what behaviors to watch out for, learn how to communicate with them, and get them the proper care they need, they’ll grow up healthy and happy.


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