The Technology of the Future for Heating Your Home or Business

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The Technology of the Future for Heating Your Home or Business

Research on energy consumption by the Future Energy Forum has shown that cooling and heating of homes and businesses use the most energy. Modern houses have been found to use up to 35% more energy than the average home of thirty years ago. The current situation led to an increased focus and emphasis to achieve energy efficiency in the modern building with the increased use of more innovative Tech Adventure advanced innovations. Some studies have found that the use of more energy-efficient products can lead to a decrease in the energy consumption and carbon footprint of buildings. In this article, we will look at several innovative ways that technology can be used to effectively heat our buildings.

Energy-Efficient Technology to Heat Our Buildings

There are many ways that technology can contribute to more efficient heating of our homes and businesses and it is worthwhile to consider implementing it if we keep in mind that 80% of the average UK home’s energy consumption is from heating and the provision of hot water. The implementing of energy-efficient systems or smart heating control are made possible with the increased use of the internet and smartphones. This allows for applications which offer the possibility to monitor and manage the energy usage and efficiency of the heating system at all times from anywhere. The development of improved communications technology and innovations like wireless sensors that access information of the outdoor weather conditions enable the automated heated and cooling controlling systems to better manage the systems. As cold fronts with lower temperatures move into an area the system can gradually adjust the energy use to allow for the more efficient heating of the building.
Closely linked to an energy effective heating system is the quality of the insulation and the air-seal of the building to ensure that maximum heat is retained. Technological advances in insulation techniques ensure that less energy is used to heat the building. The source of the energy is also important to ensure the lowest carbon emissions possible while using the most cost-effective energy possible.
The use of the latest construction techniques to ensure that as much energy from the sun is captured and retained to heat the house also contributes a lot because solar energy is the most efficient and effective energy source based on its financial and environmental costs.

Development of Next-Generation Heat Pumps

The continued development and production of extremely-efficient heat pumps will lead to an improvement in the efficient heating of homes and businesses. The heat pump with its ability to move heat instead of generating it ensures energy efficiency. This also allows for the reversal of the direction of the heat circulation during summer enabling it to act as an air-conditioner that removes heat from inside the building to the outside while during winter it uses outside heat to warm the building. The heat pump can be powered with solar energy and an inverter that lowers the carbon footprint. It is advisable to contact an air source heat pump installer to help you decide which heat pump system is right for you.

Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps

The following benefits of using air-source heat pumps have been identified:
• Ability to heat different areas throughout the building.
• The technology used is ecologically friendly and clean.
• The heat generated comes directly from the environment and up to 75% can be generated without the use of any other fuel source.
• An air-source heat pump is up to five times more efficient than any conventional method of heating.
• The use of an air heat pump contributes to a saving in fuel costs and contributes towards a reduction in the use of fossil fuels and harmful emissions of CO2.

Using the Most Effective Air-Conditioning Technology

It is advisable to ensure that the technology used to heat and cool your house or business should be the latest and most cost-effective which include inverter technology and the latest heat pumps. A company like EOC Services with its professional service will provide the best solution for your future heating and cooling needs.



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