The Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal

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Scrap metal recycling has become popular in the in the manufacturing industry as most companies try their level best to achieve effective landfill utilization, efficient management of resources, and reduce their cost of production. As a result, most manufacturing companies collect scrap metal on their own or buy scrap metal from Scrap Metal Services. Scrap metal services buy recyclable residents from residents helping them realize that scrap metal is worth money!

Scrap metal recycling is a relatively new concept as previous recycling efforts have always focused on cardboard, cans, bottles, plastics, and papers. Examples of scrap metals that can be recycled include; Alloys, Cast Iron, Brass, Steel, Lead, Aluminum, Copper, Aluminum Cans, Appliances, and Sheet Iron

The following are the three major benefits of recycling scrap metal.

Environmental Benefits

Extracting metal from virgin ore involves the use of a lot of energy as well as the associated greenhouse gas emissions. However, all this can be avoided by conserving natural resources through metal recycling. In other words, manufacturing products from recycled metal reduce greenhouse gas emissions when compared to manufacturing products from new metal.

For instance, scrap metal Cincinnati oh is a big industry that continues to play a critical role in the conservation of the area’s environment. Greenhouse gas emissions because of mining leads to climate change and massive air pollution that increases the risk of respiratory health complications. According to findings from a recent study, the use of scrap metal in manufacturing involves the use of 40% less water and at the same time generates 97% less waste as compared to new metal releases.

Economic Benefits
A recent survey revealed that the scrap metal industry has been able to create extra 36% jobs as compared to sending the metal to the landfill or burning the waste metal in the incinerator. In America alone, the recycling industry creates over one million jobs every year and generates over $236 billion in revenue. This is a clear indication of how recycling metal plays a critical role in the economic growth of any region. Therefore, metal recycling has played a critical role in solving the current global warming challenge.

Energy Conservation

As mentioned earlier, the use of virgin ore is in the production of new metal releases requires more energy and this makes it difficult for any company to conserve energy. It is interesting to know that it is possible to save up to 56% of energy when you recycle steel, 90% when you recycle copper, and 92% for aluminum. These statistics are very impressive and any country or region that manages to save even half of the amount can be at a good level when it comes to energy conservation.

It is quite evident that scrap metal services have more benefits to industry and manufacturing, and recycling is a concept that should be encouraged. In fact, scrap metal services have brought a lot of economic and environmental benefits in the areas in which they are located.


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