Prepaid Phones, Generations and Dumb Phones  

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There are a lot of people who commit to pricey phone plans where they are subject to whatever fees that phone companies decide to throw at them. Such plans are really unnecessary. There are better options that require little to no commitment and are less expensive. 

One option is to get everything prepaid. When you get a prepaid phone, you are not obligated to follow a contract. You can put a phone down randomly and never use it again without any consequences. If you put a contract phone down with the intention of never using it again, you may be subjected to fees by the phone company. If you are in a contract, you may still have to pay bills on the phone. If you want to stop the service, you may have to jump through hoops, which include paying more fees. 

Prepaid service is inexpensive. If you want to get unlimited services on a monthly basis, you usually have to fill your account with about $35 to $50 dollars. If you stop filling your account with money, the worst that will happen is that you will no longer have phone service. You won’t be given any ridiculous charges that aren’t necessary. There is also another option to pay by the minutes. You can switch your prepaid phone account to be either monthly or pay-by-the-minute. Pay-by-the-minute is good for people who rarely talk on the phone and don’t plan on using their phones for internet access yet want a phone that they can carry around for safety and emergency calls. If you are constantly talking on your cell phone with fiends and family, you are going to quickly run out of minutes. In such a situation, you are better off getting unlimited prepaid plans. If you talk heavily on the phone, you will save a lot of money by opting for the unlimited prepaid option. 

There are some considerations about phones that should be looked into. For example, some phones are made to work with certain kinds of networks and others aren’t. The terms “2G,” “3G” and “4G” refer to different “generations” of networks. The higher the number, the newer the generation. Higher generations work with themselves and lower generations, though the same is not true when reversed. So, if you get a prepaid cell phone, think about what generations of devices will work with a telephone service baton rouge. If you are thinking of getting that lovely, blue dumb phone that is 3G, do some research to see whether it will work in your locality. 

Another thing to consider is that if you want to utilize a phone’s internet access, some phones are better at doing it than others. Dumb phones are actually able to access the internet, though surfing the internet on a dumb phone is not as easy as on a smartphone. Also, if you surf the internet on a dumb phone, you may or may not realize that the device is noticeable warming up. The same can be sometimes said about smartphones, however.

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