Make DC Your Next Destination

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As we say farewell to Spring Break, many Americans have already pulled out their planners in preparation for Summer’s warmth. While some individuals plan to spend their evenings in sweet home bliss, many others intend to use the time to take on new adventures. An experience of a lifetime that will be remembered for years to come. The biggest question is: Where do you want to go? 

Although it is often overlooked, if you haven’t visited the nation’s capital within the past decade or so, you may be in for a pleasant surprise on your next journey to Washington. The tremendous transformation the city has undergone has allowed it to shed its past negative attributes and has accentuated the pleasantries of the area. Known for the rich history within their bountiful museums and the prevalent presence of the federal government, D.C has expanded its reach to include a booming nightlife and food industry, with a variety of nearby attractions. 

In addition to the variety of attractions the city has to offer, it also has a wide array of lodging options. Although most places in the city can cost you a pretty penny, the surrounding areas can offer you a quieter and more affordable sleeping arrangement. Whether you’re looking to stay in a five star hotel overlooking the city’s captivating scenery, or rent out an apartment rental company Woodbridge VA, there are a variety of places that can accommodate you and your needs. Making it the perfect summer trip for you and your family. 

The Capital’s Comeback 

Although in the past D.C. has been regarded as a swamp by both its residents and visitors, the city has worked hard to revitalize the area and shed the negative connotation that has become attached to it. In the positive light, the city is known for the vast amount of history stored within its museums and federal buildings. As a major attraction in the city, the District has nearly 70 museums that are mostly free to the general public. In addition to an abundance of museums, travelers can visit the White House, the Capitol, or the Washington Monument. According to the Forbes Travel Guide, “there is simply no place like Washington D.C for sightseeing.” 

The city has a wide variety of appealing attractions that are great for all ages and has expanded to include a variety of eateries and a booming nightlife. Areas like U Street and the H St Corridor have been transformed into hot spots with tons of entertainment. In D.C you can check out a concert or catch a glimpse of the Stanley Cup Champions, the Capitals, at the Capitol One Arena in the heart of downtown. Right outside of the city sits the National Harbor, which is a vacation spot in itself. Featuring various shopping centers and outlets, eateries, and a Ferris Wheel with the most perfect views, the Harbor offers a getaway within your getaway and will leave you breathless. 

Where to Stay 

The best thing about Washington D.C is that it is very accommodating. In addition to their cost friendly attractions, D.C has a wide range of lodging options. From five star hotels to Airbnb property rentals, there’s options for every traveler in the city. If you’re looking for a quieter stay, or a rental that is more in your budget, try staying in the areas surrounding the city. Maryland and Virginia have great lodging areas for individuals visiting the nation’s capital that may be less of a hindrance on your budget.


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