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When you start out with your learner’s permit, there’s so much excitement and adrenaline pumping through your veins to take hold of the wheel. You know you want to get out there and drive, but you have to wait until you’re old enough to go out there alone. I remember being young and dreaming about driving on my own because of the amount of freedom that the open road provides. I dreamed of having a luxury sedan that was reliable and sleek. I’m glad to finally have my dreams come true after working towards them for so many years. 

It took me a few years to save up for a down payment for the car I’ve always wanted, but now that I have the wheel in my hands, I can say it was all worth it. It was worth taking on extra hours at work while I finished my degree. I knew that it would take time to get started in my career, and I needed to be responsible about my money. However, when I had my savings high enough to feel comfortable leasing a new car, I jumped at the idea to get the sedan I had always imagined driving.

I’m excited to finally drive home in my dream car, and I can’t wait until my friends get a look at the wheels I can afford. I made one stop at a Lexus Financing Services middlesex county ct before driving my dreams home. The old used car I was driving still sits in my driveway because it’s paid off already. I’m waiting until I find a buyer who wants to pay the right price because I had some parts put into it recently. When that buyer comes along, I’ll gladly part with the old, reliable vehicle, but it’s not hurting anything sitting in my driveway now.

I’m working enough hours, and I’m out of college now, so I can actually spend more time doing the things that I love. I’m going on more long drives in my dream car. Imagine my anticipation for when I’ll pull up to the gas pump and see the girl of my dreams in her car. She’ll notice me at the gas station because I’ll be in a bright, shining luxury sedan, and I’ll be as happy as can be. Women are more attracted to a man who looks like he is satisfied with life, so I’ll surely pull her my way when she sees me step out of my car.

It was hard to do much with that old car I was driving. I was afraid to drive far from home because I was afraid it would break down on me. With this new sedan, I feel like the roads have just opened up and invited me to ride along them because this car can go anywhere with me behind the steering wheel. I’m not afraid to drive a long distance in this car because I know it won’t break down on me.


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