A Brief Review of Mickey Mouse Jewelry

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Mickey Mouse is a beloved animated character created by Disney Studios. In fact of all their animated characters, he is perhaps the most popular and iconic. The character was first created in 1928, he would appear in his very first animated short Steam Boat Willie. The character would go on to appear in countless animated shorts and feature-length films in his over 90-year career. Given the popularity of the iconic mouse which went on to be a trademark of the Disney studios, it would stand to reason that merchandise would also be created to capitalize on the success. Part of this merchandise was jewelry beginning with the Mickey Mouse watch which came out in 1933. The iconic wristwatch featured an image of Mickey as his arms moved to show the time. Over the years thousands of these were sold and the watch is still a popular item to this day. However, it isn’t just this wristwatch that has been put out to honor the animated mouse other jewelry has been done as well and perhaps some of it may come as a surprise. 

Kids Mickey Mouse Jewelry 

When we think of Mickey Mouse we no doubt automatically think of kids, since he is, after all, a cartoon character. So no surprise that there is a line of jewelry designed for kids featuring the beloved mouse and his friends, including his longtime girlfriend, now wife Minnie. Of course, there is the classic wristwatch, ideal for both boys and girls. There is also charm and standard bracelets. As for pendants, there is a wide range in which to choose from as well including some that are ideal for young girls and even older women who love Mickey Mouse. Some of the jewelry ranges from being cutesy to be a quality piece of fine jewelry. 

Mickey Mouse Fine Jewelry 

This may sound like something that doesn’t actually go together Mickey Mouse captured in fine jewelry. But how does a Mickey Mouse Pearl Necklace Sound? Oh sure probably give images of a cheap pearl necklace with an image of Mickey in the center, but nothing could be further from the truth. This is actually a beautiful piece of jewelry which is a pendant that consists of large freshwater pearl in the center with either pearls or cubic zirconias on each side representing Mickey’s ears. That is just one example of the fine jewelry that has been made in Mickey’s image, there is also another beautiful pendant made with Swarovski crystals, earrings, rings, and bracelets. All of which makes a unique fashion statement and make for ideal accessories. 

So, as you can see Mickey Mouse Jewelry has evolved beyond the wristwatch. Which is understandable since in 90 years the popularity of the classic Mouse hasn’t died down. He is still a hot commodity which makes him the ideal subject for jewelry of all kind. The jewelry is not only a collector’s item, a form of memorabilia for diehard fans and also quite stylish as well to wear every day if desired.


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