Building A Deck That Will Last

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When you’re designing a new deck, the flooring is an important component. You need to choose a material that is versatile and that is comfortable to walk on as many people don’t wear shoes while they are walking outside on a patio. An option to consider would be timber or composite wood. 

Timber is an option that you want to consider if you’re looking for something that is environmentally friendly. When you have timber decking Northern Beaches companies provide installed, you’re getting a material that is easy to sustain. It’s easy to clean and often easier to build with because of its versatility. Since the timing that it takes to construct a deck using timber is usually fairly short, it saves you time that would be spent using other materials. You can then focus on the additional details that you want on your deck aside from just the floor and the rails or steps. 

If you decide to have a company construct your deck, then the labor costs will likely be lower than you would have to pay if the company were to use another material. Since timber is a lighter shade, it can often be an energy efficient option for your deck as it reflects the sunlight. This would then keep some of the heat from settling on the deck, making your new home addition a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Timber has acoustic qualities as well, making it a good material to use if you plan on listening to music while you’re outside or if you plan on entertaining a lot while you’re on your deck. 

Timber is a softer wood that allows for more bending when it’s used. This means that you can create designs on your deck or create bends and turns, giving you a customized design that stands out from other decks in the area. The old-fashioned wooden design of your deck that can be achieved by using timber is one that will likely never go away. It provides a charming appearance and one that is warm and inviting. You can easily stain the wood or paint it in any color that you want. It’s sometimes best to apply a sealer before staining or painting so that the wood is protected from splintering. When the deck is constructed, it creates little waste from sawing and nailing. 

If you plan on walking on the deck without shoes, you will be happy to know that timber doesn’t splinter as easily as some other types of wood. There are some types of timber that are blended together with small pieces of plastic and other ecologically friendly materials, making the deck easy to clean and maintain. This type of deck material doesn’t weather as easily as others and doesn’t tend to crack as much as other types of wood. You can use a minimal number of nails and screws in the deck, which gives you a clean appearance on your deck instead of one that has a lot of metal tops on the boards.


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