Words Of Advice For Hiring A Fence Contractor

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Caring for your property is a huge investment in time and money. Installing a quality fence is a great way to protect and add beauty to your property. Taking time and care in selecting a good fence contractor is important in preventing problems during, or after the installation of your fence. 

Do your due diligence before scheduling a consultation. Research the fence contractors you are interested in thoroughly. Always check with the Better Business Bureau before scheduling any service to be sure the company is in good standing. Call the company’s office and ask a few simple questions to get a feel for their customer service. How you are treated on the phone is probably how you will be treated in person. Make sure the company has a verifiable physical address. Under many jurisdictions, home improvement contractors must have a license. This includes companies that build or install fencing. The licensing requirement is in place to protect the homeowner from being taken advantage of by the contractor. 

Once you schedule your fence consultation, there are some things you want to keep in mind. Don’t let a contractor pressure you into making an immediate decision. One who wants an immediate decision should be cause for alarm. A contractor should never require you to pay the cost of the project in cash. And always remember, a professional fence contractor will be happy to give you a written estimate for their services. A contractor who will not provide a written estimate is not one you want to install or build your new fence. For fencing contractors, research chain link contractors lehigh acres fl

During the fencing consultation, have a written list of questions to ask. Here are a few to include: What kind of warranty is offered on the work? Ask what the warranty specifically covers. Most contractors will offer a warranty that covers any flaws in the project. What fencing materials will be used for the project? Ask the contractor to see samples of materials that will be used for the project. How often is the work completed on time? If the work is not completed within the agreed upon time frame is a discount offered on the project. Fencing companies have a tendency to be busier in spring and summer; it could take several weeks for them to start your fencing project. Will the company call your utility service provider to locate any underground lines? For safety reasons, the utility service provider should be contacted before digging. Will the fencing company take the responsibility of pulling permits? Contractors should include the cost of permits in their written estimate. 

How often is the work completed within the given estimate? Be sure to let your contractor know if the work will not be completed within the estimate, you need to be advised immediately. It is important to resist going with the first bid you receive. Always take the time to speak to several contractors, and get at least three estimates. It is perhaps a good idea to also ask for references.


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