Does Your Pet Like To Explore?

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We love our pets. Everyone loves having pets. This can be any form of pet, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.. For the purpose of this article, we are talking about mainly dogs. Let’s face it, dogs like to wander, if you let them. We don’t want them to wander, as it is not safe for them. It’s our responsibility to keep them safe. So, what do you do? 
Give your dogs the freedom they want, with the protection they deserve. Fence them in. This sounds simple, right? Not always. Dogs are smart, and can figure a way out, all the time. Some dogs can climb, yes climb, cyclone fences, or if they are big enough, jump over them. Then there are your diggers. Oh the holes they dig. So, again, what do you do? 

Well you could build a 10 foot fortress wall. However I doubt your neighbors would like it, if it is even allowed, in your community. Perhaps you don’t like fencing. It obstructs your views of the views of the horizon? Whether you have a fence or not, there is a relatively new way to use an old product. The electric fence, which has been used on farm animals for decades, has a new twist. It keeps your dogs where they belong, in the yard. Don’t worry though, it is a much milder, gentler, shock than that which a cow or horse would get. 

The “invisible” fence, as it is sometimes called, is run underground, about one to two inches deep, so no one can get hurt by the wires. When the dog comes near the areas partitioned off bounds, they are given a warning beep. If the dog persists in going closer to the boundary, they are given a mild shock which temporarily hurts them, with no lasting effect, just a warning. 

No more digging holes, as they are warned. The same goes with climbing, or jumping the fence, as they are again, warned. The dogs eventually learn to enjoy the freedom of roaming their yards, instead of trying to get out. This leads to a much more pleasant, and safe life, for all involved, the owners, the pet, and the neighbors. There are “pros and cons”, of this fencing. You already know the pros. The cons involve if the power goes out, so does the fencing, and owners unfortunately forgetting about the wires, digging and braking them. This can all be chalked up to, owner due diligence. 

If you live in Colorado, particularly the Aspen area, look up dog fencing aspen co, to find a good company to service your needs.

There are several companies to choose from for this product. They all specialize in the terrain, that comes with Colorado, so you can be rest assured that they will be able to accommodate your special needs of your yard. Be advised, that invisible fencing, can also be used inside. Be sure to ask your installer for information. Get yours today! 


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