The Best and Worst Things Buyers can Do When Dealing with a Dealer

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What many consumers do not realize when buying from a car dealership is that the process is a business transaction. In any business transaction both sides want to come away with the best outcome. You may want the best car at the best price but the dealer also wants to turn a profit. They will come into the arrangement with professional knowledge of auto sales so you need to be prepared as well. Here are the best and worst things a consumer can do when buying a car.

WORST – Visit a Dealership Without Financing

Every company has a certain hook that nets them the most profit in a business deal. Auto dealers get the most profit from financing. When you go to a dealer and they recommend an auto loan know that it is not necessarily the best option for you but the best profit for them. So before visiting a lot make sure you get pre-approved financing from your bank or preferred credit union. Now when you go the dealer they will have to offer you an option that beats the one you walked in with. If you visit without one they do not have to work hard to offer the best value.

BEST – Plan Ahead

If you get pre-approved financing before visiting a lot that is a prime example of planning ahead. Before you set foot on a dealer lot you should not only fully vet that dealership but research the car you want to buy. You should know what other consumer pay for the same make and model, and you should know what that car actually cost the dealer. All of this information is fully available online and can provide you the upper hand when you finally visit the dealer. The first place to look is ratings and reviews. So look for any Used Nissan Altima for Sale queens ny. and find the choices with the best reputation.

WORST – Go During a Sale

This may sound funny but oftentimes a special or sale is just designed to net the dealer more money. This is because there is a fine print that people miss, or the time period involved in the deal ends with an increase in price. Either way specials and sales are usually instigated by contractors and do little to actually benefit the buyer.

BEST – Fully Vet the Vehicle

Buying a used car is all about reliability. As it is being bought secondhand you want to make sure it can last. So be sure to research the vehicle’s reliability first and then inspect the vehicle on the lot later. Find cars that have a good reputation for being bought used and focus on dealers that carry them. Once there test drive the vehicle, look at every aspect of the car, and be on the lookout for warning signs. Any cosmetic damage or wear on the tires can be negotiated for a cheaper price or free shop service.

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