Restroom Trailer Rentals Provides Fun Experiences

Whenever going to an outdoor event like watching games, or even tailgating, people will need to use the restroom when there isn’t one that is in walking distance. The solution is renting trailers that is made for restrooms. They are the ideal solution for any outdoor event or for those who may work outdoors. These trailers are convenient which offers many features just like when people use a regular bathroom in a home. 

Privacy While Providing A Bathroom Experience 

People who want to satisfy crowds that are not too big, The Regal 4 Restroom Trailer works well. They will enjoy a fun experience in the bathroom despite the different sizes. Self-contained restroom trailers have become popular for small to medium sizes that are ideal for special events for film shoots, weddings, and black-tie events for the best convenience. 

It has the add-on of a fourth stall. This comes in handy to take away long times wait while wanting to use the bathroom which is ideal for events that have intermissions. These bathroom trailers are provided with a package that is solar powered, which helps it to operate just about anywhere without the requirement to have a generator. 

Another option is The Regal 3 luxury restroom trailer. This trailer works well for people who are looking to cut-back long times to wait to use the bathroom while keeping everyone contented. This trailer has three stalls which was made specially to keep guests happy while providing them with a pleasant experience using the bathroom. 
This trailer includes two private restrooms, one for the men’s and the other for the ladies’ side. This restroom also has the privacy to connect on the men’s side which has a separate urinal for extra accessibility. They provide privacy with a lockable closet door that can hide the showing urinal allowing this trailer to fully operate as a women’s only facility, if needed. 

Trailers Provides Guests With The Comforts Of Home 

When using The Regal S 2-stall luxury restroom trailer rentals, guests will be treated with the comforts of home. For example, there are two stalls that are separate with each one having its own entrance which gives your guests special privacy. Another fun feature is when a power source is available, guests will have heat or air conditioning inside the trailer to keep everyone comfortable. The interior of the restroom has nice built-in speakers found in each stall which lets people to play music when using their Bluetooth, or an AM/FM radio. 

When using The Regal S4, it is designed to contain a large crowd of people. It has four stalls that will keep lines in good order without a long wait. It will guarantee that each guest can spend their time having fun at the special occasion. Guests will be happy to find out that each stalls entrance is separate. This makes sure that full privacy is used for everyone. Also provided is having the option to play music from built-in speakers inside each wall.


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