How to Find A Good 24 Hour Towing Service

Finding a reliable towing service is definitely a good move for any motorist to make. In the event you suffer a breakdown you are already taken care of, because you have the service’s information readily available. As some even offer services beyond a simple tow, like roadside assistance for instance, researching towing companies can be a gift that keeps on giving. Here are the main things you should look for if you are considering a towing service.

Are they Open 24/7?

Accidents and breakdowns do not adhere to a schedule and can happen at any time. This is why 24/7 availability is a necessary feature of a good tow service. If you should have an incident at odd hours you can be sure that a 24 hour emergency towing anaheim ca company will be available to pick you up. It does no good if they keep regular hours, because they could be closed when you really need them.

Do They Offer Roadside Assistance?

This is not really a deal breaker but a nice additional feature to have. Roadside assistance mostly boils down to providing some extra gas, a jump, or replacing a tire. This is a great feature, however, as it saves you the cost of a tow and provides help if you break down on the highway. It also means that the service cares about its customers even if the incident is a smaller problem.

Do They Have Good Ratings, Recommendations, and Reviews?

The internet is great for connecting you to forums and reviews that properly vet various services. When looking at tow companies it is always important to see what other consumers have to say about them. Unflattering reviews are a sign of poor service. Low ratings are another sign. So be sure to check sites like the BBB and make sure the service has a full set of stars. 

Also, be sure to ask for recommendations. Any tow service worth its salt will have recommendations from people and businesses to give prospective consumers. The only reason they would not have recommendations is because no one wants to vouch for them.

What Does Your Agent Have to Say?

Car insurers deal with accidents and breakdowns all the time. This means they have a viable tow service they use on a regular basis. This service not only is good enough for insurer to use, but they also take your insurance. So always remember that your insurance agent can provide you the name of a great service.

What is Their Range?

A factor many overlook is that tow services cover a particular area. If you break down within this area you are covered, but should you have an incident outside of the area they cannot pick you up. You want the range of your tow service to match your regular commute. Your normal area of travel any given week is the best place to experience a breakdown, because you are more likely to be in the midst of this commute than outside of it.

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