Benefits of Using a Live Answering Service in Seattle

Customer service is everything these days. Social media has made spreading good or bad news faster than ever, so if your company is not providing stellar customer service to customers, one person can post their frustrations for millions to see in the click of a mouse. One of the ways you can ensure you are exceeding the expectations of your customers is by working together with a live answering service in Seattle. These are just a few of the reasons you should be utilizing the live answering service Seattle WA professionals for your business. 

Helping Customers at Odd Hours 

Just because your business operates from morning to night, does not mean your customers share the same schedule. Take into account you might have customers in a different time zone, or ones who work odd hours and can only get to the phone when your employees are already gone for the day. When these customers have the time, they want to be able to get answers to their concerns without having to constantly leave a message on a computerized answering machine. 

The live answering service will pick up the phone day or night, whenever you are not in the office, providing callers with a calming and friendly voice they can interact with. Many times, just speaking with another person is enough to satisfy the caller. 

Calming Frustrations with Pressing Issues 

When a caller is frustrated or has a problem with your company, the longer they have to wait to speak to a representative of the company, the more aggravated they become. If the customer has a pressing issue and has to go all night without support, they could blast social media or review sites, and by the morning your company will have scathing negative reviews other potential buyers are reading. If this person calls and the live answering service picks up, it can immediately put a stop to their frustrations. 

The live agent can calm their concerns, promise them their issue is being addressed, and assure them that a representative of the company is aware and will call them back promptly. 

Providing a Calming Voice to Callers 

It is one thing to listen to a voice recording or computerized message from your company, it is another when a caller is immediately greeted by a friendly voice every time they call, your business. That calming voice is the key to helping customers be more patient, feel valued, and trust that your company is doing everything to make certain to have them feel like a valued customer

The live answering service can be given just enough information to provide callers after hours the answers they need. In many cases, callers are satisfied with the call without even realizing it is an answering service. 

Now your customers feel they can get a live person around the clock with your company. This will help them feel like they are valued and lessen the chances you ever get a bad rating for your customer service department moving forward.


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