What to Do if Your Animal is Hit by a Car

There are few things more terrifying for pet lovers than the sight of their beloved pet lying motionless in the road. Sadly, it happens a lot. If your pet is hit by a car, there are important, swift steps you need to take keep your animal alive and give it the best care possible. 

Carefully Transport the Pet 

Just as you would with an injured human, you need to move your pet with care. If, hopefully, your pet is still breathing and conscious, it will be easier to tell if there are major injuries that you need to be aware of and careful about. You can carry your dog or cat or let it walk on its own if it has minor injuries and a calm demeanor. For those pets with more obvious or severe injuries, use a carrier for transport or, with larger animals, have a friend help you create a makeshift stretcher with a large, sturdy blanket. Keep in mind that even animals with minor injuries can sustain greater ones if they are moved too abruptly. 

Contact Your Vet Immediately 

Even if the injuries do not look severe, you should always contact your vet right away. While your animal may be moving around just fine and acting normal, there is no way for you to tell the extent of internal injuries in the abdomen or head. In fact, there are very few obvious signs to watch out for with dog concussions, and it can be nearly impossible for the average pet owner to spot them. It is always a good idea to visit your vet, or an emergency animal hospital, to have your pet checked out by a professional. 


As traumatic and difficult as the experience can be when your pet is hit by a car, if you are prepared for different scenarios it can make the situation go smoother. Work on your own emergency plan by considering some of these steps, or contact an animal hospital Phoenix AZ for more information and ideas.

Keep Your Cool 

Dogs and cats can easily read human energy. If you get worked up, chances are that they will too. It’s best if you can keep a level head in this situation so as not to stress your furry friend out too much. Call a friend or family member for help and support, take a few deep breaths, and try to think calmly but thoroughly about the situation at hand. Keeping your emotions in check will make the whole ordeal go more smoothly. 

Think of Your Financial Options 

Just like human healthcare can be expensive, so can animal care. When you add up surgeries, medications, exams, and stays overnight, the total can reach thousands of dollars. If you don’t have this kind of extra cash, talk with your vet about different financing options. Some vets have payment plans while some accept credit cards that are designed with 0% interest for the first year to help in just such an emergency. Look through these options to find the one that will work best for you. 


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