Is Different Purifier Filters Have Any Effect On Viruses

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Air purifiers are the best way to clean your air in a controlled environment. These air purifiers help the human being to get rid of different diseases. All those diseases which exist in nature due to air pollution can be eliminated with the help of air purifiers.

The main structure of air purifier’s depending on filter and a fan. These purifiers extract pollution particles from air when it passes through it. Here filters play a very crucial role because it extracts the polluted particle from air. So the quality of air depends on the effectiveness of filters.

In starting these purifiers came up with basic filters that extract polluted particles from the air. As time passes technology came up with the different advanced forms of filters. These filters enhance the efficiency of air purifiers.

Now they can extract 99.97% polluted particles from the air. There are several air purifiers in the market which came up with the option of seven filters. You can buy these advanced air purifiers from the ecoquest website.

They have the most advanced air purifier devices which can save you from different diseases because of their most advanced nature. Let’s talk about different air purifier filters.

Simple filter

The simple filter also is known as an air cleaner. These filters are made up of foam fiberglass, cotton, or any other particle trapping materials. These filter works simply when air passes through it the polluted particle gets trapped in the filter. You have to change the filter after a few days or months depending on the usage of the air purifier.

Ionizers and Ozone Generators

These are an advanced form of air purifier filters they work differently from simple air purifier filters. But these two filters work similarly they generate ozone or ions which have a charge. Normal polluted particles are light in weight and float in the air and have a neutral charge. So when they came in contact with these charged ions or ozone they end up with a charge too. Due to which they stick with the surface of different objects place in the room and did not float in the air.

Electrostatic Filters

Like ionizer and ozone generators, this filter also charges the particles which are present in the air. After that when these particles pass through the purifier, these filters collect them in the machine. Most of the air purifier with this filter use plate filters which can be washed after a day or two.

Activated Carbon Filters

The active carbon filter can be used with all kinds of air purifiers the porous carbon in an activated carbon filter traps odors and gasses that pass through it. Some are strong enough to tackle volatile organic compounds.

All these filters are so advanced that most of them can purify the air up to 99.97% but they can trap only those particles which are 0.3-micron size. So these are ineffective in the case of the coronavirus. It has a size of 0.125 microns but as we know technology gets advanced regularly. So maybe these companies can develop such filters in the future that can trap and kill the coronavirus.





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