Improvements in Cameras and Microphones

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My earliest job using tools from the technical world of audio and video was working on filming and editing wedding videos with a friend of mine from high school. We started a business to make some extra money before we went off to college. That’s where I learned everything I needed to know about the way video works. I would have never dreamed I would be making videos in my line of work; I spend most of my time fixing drains and piping outside commercial buildings and residential homes. However, the benefit of having a machine to help see inside places I can’t normally see makes me better at my job and more efficient. 

I’ve been able to wrap up jobs sooner than it used to take me. I find that the customer doesn’t care how long you spend working on their problems as long as you show up when you say you will, and you have to make sure you actually fix their problem of course. Having the benefit of a sewer camera will put you ahead of competition. You’ll never look back to the old days of guessing what you’re doing because you will have the added reassurance of knowing what is inside that small space. 

Trust me when I say it’s worth trying out new techniques that have been developed in the audio and video industry. Things are always changing with technology. This new way of investigating old problems with the use of video screens and microphones has solved problems in sewers and drains around the world. 

Video and audio recording equipment will continue to be a useful tool and asset used by technicians in various fields going forward, and it’s likely going to pick up in popularity among other areas of the service industry that need some simplification in their daily routines. Suddenly, videos and microphones aren’t just tools used on film sets. They are actually helping people complete their jobs. 

Of course videos and microphones have been helpful to people outside of the service industry for sometime now, even outside of film sets. Have a look at businesses to see what I mean. Corporate executives and people all the way up the chain of command use web-cameras to communicate thoughts and feelings during meetings. Some companies operate entirely on the internet thanks to cameras and microphones on computers and cell phones. Without these convenient tools the business world would be in the dark ages as well. 

Next time you wonder whether or not we’ve come a long way as a society, take a look at the evolution of the camera. You have to admit it. We’ve come a long way since the beginning of film. Pictures would take plenty of time to take and develop, but now everything is ready in an instant. Welcome to the beautiful world of technology, where audio and video are at their prime in terms of usability and development. Next time you sit for a photograph, be sure to smile.


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