How to Recycle Your Old Electronics

With an increased spotlight on climate change throughout recent years, many people are becoming more involved. Some of these actions include, recycling plastic products, recycling newspaper, being conscious of the amount of water someone uses, the list goes on. But many people are still throwing away their electronics, which can be harmful for the environment. As much as 80% of all electronics are disposed of poorly however.

Many people don’t understand quite how important it is to recycle old electronics. Many of these old electronics have chemicals in them that can be toxic to humans and animals alike. Stuff like lead, mercury, and more can all be leaked into the environment and can cause real problems. Another important thing to understand about electronics is how many raw materials go into some electronics. Lot’s of these raw materials are rare, and finite. With increased production every year, people can combat all of this resource gathering by simply buying used, or second hand. While this production can’t be diminished to zero, being made aware of some of these things can help.

One of the best ways to “recycle” your old electronics is through selling them. You recently upgraded your phone, that can be sold online with websites like ebay, or it can be sold locally. Either way, your old device and electronics can be used and valued by someone else. If more people were to buy used, that would mean less manufacturing, and less electronics in landfills or dumps. Both of these can be strains on the environment, and if that’s something worth protecting, this is an option.

Another very common way to dispose of your old electronics is through other companies. There are companies that specifically are made to handle electronic waste, as well as batteries. Most of these Battery Recycling Services are cheap, and convenient. They can help get rid of electronic waste without harming the environment. This is a great option, because all of the potentially harmful waste is handled by professionals. 

If you rather, the device can always be donated. There are many charities and organizations, local and international, that accept all kinds of electronics. These organizations will either help get your old device into the hands of someone who needs it, or dispose of it properly. This is a great hands free option. Locally, often there will be some place that accepts drop offs, and they would take care of the rest. With some simple searching, you should be able to find a number of places, with various causes that would take your old electronics.

Regardless of how you do it, recycling electronics, and batteries is imperative to a healthy ecosystem. With old devices sitting in drawers, and old electronics being replaced by the newer, better model, that waste may not seem like a lot. But when considering there are hundreds of millions of people doing the exact same thing that problem will continue to rise. Taking steps on the individual level is a great start to a more healthy, and green environment for all.

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