Brief History: Food Services in the US

Most sources indicate that the earliest major catering services in the United States started at the ballgames happening in the eighteenth century. This means that catering in the United States has its roots in one of America’s oldest pastimes. It makes sense that the food service industry would have a major win with baseball fans, since snacks, and drinks go hand-in-hand with watching a good baseball game. Imagine the first fans of baseball having their stomachs aching with complaints, until the owners of the parks had the bright idea to let vendors have a chance to take part in the festivities.

There hasn’t been any way for baseball fans to go back to the old days of watching a game without snacks, and other sports games picked up the idea to bring the food services industry along for the ride. Every sport these days seems to have a healthy supply of concessions at their disposal. Go to the hockey rink, and you’ll see fans holding banners, and other fans hold corndogs. Go to the races, and you’ll see the same thing. The same types of vendors appear at racetracks, football games, tennis matches, and even dog races. It seems like every type of sports fan has a reason to take a break from watching a game to chow down on a tasty treat.

There’re more than just snacks, and beers to offer the cheering fans. You’ll find that some fans like to think about their own well-being while watching sports. Food services can’t afford to miss out on dispensing food, and drink to health-conscious fans. That’s why vendors at sports complexes have covered this area. You’ll usually find companies dispensing health beverages, and fruit smoothies. People need a way to stay hydrated, which is why many a water delivery service bethel park pa has found its niche in the sporting venues.

All types of venues need water delivered to their facilities. The sporting venues aren’t the only places to attract thirsty people. Everyone needs to drink water, but so many people go throughout their days without it. Water is one of the most important things people need to consume to live healthy lives. Take a look at any medical studies that focus upon hydration to see what I mean. The importance of water, and proper hydration can’t remain a concern to just athletes. Everyone needs clean drinking water, including school systems, business communities, and residential communities.

If you’re enjoying the ballgame, make sure to thank your vendors by supporting their missions to provide food services to fans. The games we watch wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining if we were all hungry, or thirsty. Get your favorite beverage, or your favorite snack ready before the big game. If you’re at home, take a walk over to the buffet table, but if you’re at the ballgame in person, raise your arm and shout out to the vendor for whatever tasty treat you want. There’s a good reason to visit the stadium this year!

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